Kind Words

Chris is a student of God’s Word and has a special understanding of the culture in which we live. She is a gifted communicator who is able to connect with all ages and backgrounds. She is always excited to help lead multi-generational audiences. Chris has a love for Jesus and a passion for the local church. I highly recommend Chris to help lead people to meet, know and follow Jesus.  -Kyle Glenn, Sun Valley Community Church, Tempe, AZ


My MOPS group has had the pleasure of having Chris as a speaker on multiple occasions. She blends humor and no-nonsense in a way that the women of group are able to relate to and apply to their own lives. Chris has a passion for Jesus and for helping women realize their full potential, which shines through in her delivery as a speaker. I am looking forward to having Chris speak for my group again this year.  -Sarah G., MOPS Coordinator, Sun Valley Community Church

We asked Chris Moss to write for our Mentor Membership book, Encouraging Freedom: A Mentor’s Voice. We wanted to help our Mentors understand the valuable role they play in leading and encouraging other women. Chris’ personal experiences helped our Mentors understand that there isn’t one particular kind of Mentor. She gave them a vision for what mentoring could be like and practical tips on how to grow that relationship. -Jennifer Iverson, Leadership Content Coordinator, MOPS International

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