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You are an empty nester – or maybe you’re getting close. What are you going to do with all that love and attention that your kids don’t need anymore? You can annoy your kids with your need to shower them with attention they don’t want. You can wash it away with your lonely tears. You could start a new career (so much effort).

Or you can purposefully use your abundant life experience to be a mentor to young women who really need you. By re-directing your attention, you actually give your kids permission and space to grow into adulthood, and learn new ways to love them by listening to your mentees.

Mentor Prep Academy is here to show you how! The Academy is currently offering our first course: Build A Bridge: 7 Lessons to Become the Best Mentor You Can Be. It’s fun, fast, affordable and comprehensive. It builds confidence and courage in to help you become the best mentor you can be!


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What you get:
6 Reasons Why to Build A Bridge
2 Essential Elements of Bridge
14 Attributes of an Intentional Bridge Builder
How to Strengthen the Bridge through Extraordinary Conversations
6 Safety Guidelines for Bridge Builders
Building a Tech Bridge



So often we don’t see our own value in mentoring younger generations. But what if mentoring is more about what she needs, and less about your shortcomings. Our young women crave the knowledge that simply living this life has provided you and I.

If you’ve ever spoken the words, “If I knew then what I know now,” you already know the value a mentor can provide.

Reasons to be a Mentor

It's Scriptural

And it works both ways: Older women set a godly example. Younger women bless their mentors by using their example to grow more mature in their own faith.

It's Fun

Sitting around the table talking to mom’s about the nitty gritty of motherhood: pregnancy, labor, delivery, diapers, breast-feeding, sex, potty training and temper tantrums? And Jesus! What’s not to love?!

No Experience or training required

There is no teaching required. There is no homework to do or assign. It is merely prayer and example, care and concern. In exchange, you get the admiration of  young moms.

Now Available!

A Love for All Ages: Communication Tools for Every Adult Generation is the perfect resource for women that want to mentor. Chris lays out the differences of every generation, gives great tips on how to best influence women in each stage of life and includes research she has compiled over the last decade.

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In 2014, the Pew Research Center did a Religious Landscape Survey and concluded that younger Americans are less religious than older ones. Their statistics are alarming.

Belief in God

  • Traditionalist 92% 92%
  • Boomer 92% 92%
  • GenXer 89% 89%
  • Millennial 80% 80%


  • Traditionalist 67% 67%
  • Boomer 61% 61%
  • GenXer 56% 56%
  • Millennial 39% 39%


  • Traditionalist 51% 51%
  • Boomer 38% 38%
  • GenXer 34% 34%
  • Millennial 28% 28%
Generation Z is the first generation raised by more people who are “nones.” That means in a census done by The Pew Institute on Religion (same study as above) in America, when asked what their religious affiliation was they answered none. And for the first time in the history of our nation, more than 50% of people in their child raising years said None. And that is how Generation Z has been raised.

Without God. He has been replaced by Google.
Without Prayer. It has been replaced by profanity.
Without Faith. Faith has been replaced by more fear than ever before.

Our Differences Make Us Stronger

Mentoring is the best anti-aging process on the planet! When a connection is forged between two women, the mentoring goes both ways. The older woman keeps the younger grounded. The younger woman keeps the older up-to-date. It is a synergy where a Millennial shares about, for example, an in-law problem. The mentor offers a more mature perspective that helps the Millennial navigate her family issues. The Millennial’s story, in turn, trains the Boomer or Xer to become a better in-law! Both have the power to change the trajectory of each woman’s family for generations!

The Blog

I blog about mult-generational events and topics. From how to be a great mentor, to what you need to know about what Generation Z is worrying about right now, I post on a regular basis to help mentors get a window into the lives of the women around them.
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What people are saying

“Chris is a student of God’s Word and has a special understanding of the culture in which we live. She is a gifted communicator who is able to connect with all ages and backgrounds. She is always excited to help lead multi-generational audiences. Chris has a love for Jesus and a passion for the local church. I highly recommend Chris to help lead people to meet, know and follow Jesus.”
Kyle Glenn

Sun Valley Community Church, Tempe, AZ

“My MOPS group has had the pleasure of having Chris as a speaker on multiple occasions. She blends humor and no-nonsense in a way that the women of group are able to relate to and apply to their own lives. Chris has a passion for Jesus and for helping women realize their full potential, which shines through in her delivery as a speaker. I am looking forward to having Chris speak for my group again this year.”
Sarah G.

MOPS Coordinator, Sun Valley Community Church, Gilbert, AZ

“We asked Chris Moss to write for our Mentor Membership book, Encouraging Freedom: A Mentor’s Voice. We wanted to help our Mentors understand the valuable role they play in leading and encouraging other women. Chris’ personal experiences helped our Mentors understand that there isn’t one particular kind of Mentor. She gave them a vision for what mentoring could be like and practical tips on how to grow that relationship.”
Jennifer Iverson

Leadership Content Coordinator, MOPS International

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