Mentor Training

Gain the confidence and insight to walk out God’s plan for this season of your life. Mentoring is a gift to the mentor and mentee. Let’s get started!

Be the Mentor You Want to be

Whether you’re wanting one on one training or you lead a group of mentors in a MOPS groups, Chris loves to work with women and encourage them to use their life experience to encourage and lead other generations. She offers the following training:



Meet with Chris over an online meeting room for specific training in your mentoring situation. Each meeting is one hour.

Group Training for Up to 12 People | $150 per session

Chris will meet with your group over an online meeting room. Training can be on a variety of topics. See the options by clicking here.

TroubleShooting Sessions | $150 per session

Chris will meet with your group over an online meeting room. This is a great training for groups dealing with difficult situations or rogue table groups.


The Mentor Prep Academy

You are an empty nester – or maybe you’re getting close. What are you going to do with all that love and attention that your kids don’t need anymore? You can annoy your kids with your need to shower them with attention they don’t want. You can wash it away with your lonely tears. You could start a new career (so much effort).

Or you can purposefully use your abundant life experience to be a mentor to young women who really need you. By re-directing your attention, you actually give your kids permission and space to grow into adulthood, and learn new ways to love them by listening to your mentees.

Mentor Prep Academy is here to show you how! The Academy is currently offering our first course: Build A Bridge: 7 Lessons to Become the Best Mentor You Can Be. It’s fun, fast, affordable and comprehensive. It builds confidence and courage in to help you become the best mentor you can be!


Enroll now for just $67!!!


What you get:
6 Reasons Why to Build A Bridge
2 Essential Elements of Bridge
14 Attributes of an Intentional Bridge Builder
How to Strengthen the Bridge through Extraordinary Conversations
6 Safety Guidelines for Bridge Builders
Building a Tech Bridge


Group Training Options

Mentoring across the generations

This group training is an overview of each of the generations mentors may serve. Chris gives you great methods to mentor women no matter their age by implementing different generational understandings of our culture.


MOPS Mentoring

This is a training designed specifically for MOPS groups. Chris will give your group an overview of what MOPS moms are looking for from mentor moms as well as how to set up expectations and healthy boundaries.


Annual Check-In

Chris provides annual updates on intergenerational topics to facilitate better communication and understanding between mentors and moms. This training is great for churches, MOPS and any woman wanting to brush up on her knowledge of the women around her.


Invite Chris to Speak at Your Event

Chris is available to speak at women’s events across the Unites States. Please check out my speaking page for a full list and description of her speaking topics.

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If you’re interested in speaking to Chris about any of the trainings mentioned above, or inviting her to speak, please fill out the form below and she’ll contact you ASAP.

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