Advent Week 3: Remembering the Patriarchs at Advent

Advent Week 3: Remembering the Patriarchs at Advent

On the third week of Advent, we honor the patriarchs: Who are Patriarchs? The Bible gives us many patriarchs of our faith in the Old Testament, but for the purpose of Advent, we will highlight just two in the New Testament. And it may not be who you first think of:...
Advent Begins Today! Old School Traditions for a New Generation!

Celebrating Advent for Beginners

Advent Prayer Master of both light and the darkness, Send your Holy Spirit upon our preparations for Christmas. We, who have so much to do, seek quiet spaces To hear Your voice each day. We, who are anxious over many things Look forward to your coming among us. We,...

All the elements of Advent have a meaning. The evergreen wreath symbolizes the unending love of our Heavenly Father. Purple is the primary color of advent and it symbolizes repentance and fasting, royalty, the sovereignty of Christ and the anticipation of the coming...

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