Is travel the first thing on your bucket list? Then read this first!

     Road trips and cruise ships and tours, oh my! We awaken the first day of retirement with awe and wonder: What shall we do today? Where shall we go? What shall we do? Crickets. Neither of us knows what comes next. Create a bucket list I suggest we make a bucket list. What are the things we need to do before we kick the inevitable bucket? No one knows how much time they have left but we know we have less time now than ever, so we had better...

What does your body say about you?

What does your body say about you?

Physical Activity is a critical part of the 5 Ps! Without movement, we age faster. So here is my zany and amazing friend Lala Robbins, aka BossyPants. We met walking in the park years ago and she was so passionate about movement that she lit a fire under me! She...

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