If Your Season for Olympic Training has passed, You Can Still Walk a Half Marathon: Want to Learn How?

When you are navigating your season change, one of the 5 Ps you need is Physical Activity. The health benefits of routine exercise, coupled with the satisfaction of setting and achieving a goal is healthy and makes a better you. Hint: You may not be able to engage in the activities you did when you were younger. Have you ever considered training to WALK a half marathon? I did my first one when I was over 50! You can too! There is no greater...

Advent for Beginners

Advent for Beginners

What is Advent? Advent is a season of waiting, and recognizing those who paved the way for us to wait. We say a prayer once a week - or daily if you are really committed - to slow down and remember Who we are waiting for. All the elements of Advent have a meaning. The...

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Justin Bieber has a Purpose! What’s Yours?

Justin Bieber has a Purpose! What’s Yours?

The Word of the Week is Purpose I’m Chris Moss and I have been mentoring since 2003. Not always on PURPOSE. I am also in love with the meaning of words, I study them to learn what God is teaching me as a mentor, a mom of adult children, a friend, a wife and a woman...

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