Who or What Are You Devoted To?

The Word Of the Week is DEVOTION. I meditate on the meaning of one word every week to see what God is trying to teach me as a DEVOTED mentor, a mom of adult children, a friend, a wife, and a woman who tries to lead with her faith forward. I share what I learn here to inspire you with hope, humor and heart. There are lots of different kinds of devotion: Sweet Devotion Adele – written by Adele for her son Grease Hopelessly Devoted –...

Advent Week Four:

Like for an Amazon package, we wait. Only now we wait for a tiny package with big implications. We wait for the babe who will one day grow up and change the world–no, not merely change the world, but SAVE the world! In my self-centric world, He started the change with...

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Advent Week 3: Remembering the Patriarchs at Advent

On the third week of Advent, we honor the patriarchs: Who are Patriarchs? The Bible gives us many patriarchs of our faith in the Old Testament, but for the purpose of Advent, we will highlight just two in the New Testament. And it may not be who you first think of:...

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