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You are a woman of a certain age. You blinked, and your kids were so grown up! Secretly, you are self-high-fiving to celebrate that you and the kids are still standing!

You have been in Bible Studies, perhaps even taught a few. You have had your share of struggles and there has been joy. Now that your kids are older, you sense a deeper call.

On one hand, you are looking for God’s purpose in this new season.

On the other hand, you don’t have much time to commit.

How do we reckon the different seasons of our lives with the purpose we know God has for us?

Mentoring may be the perfect fit for you right now! And I’d love to be your mentor coach. Did you know Paul wrote to Timothy and Titus in the Bible to “instruct the older women” so they can be an example to younger women. They were never told to teach younger women!

That’s where you, and this season, come in! This is your opportunity to trust God that your example is enough. That it’s relevant and important. Someone may be watching your example right now! When we set an example – even if we don’t know it at the time – when we share, when we mentor, we are obedient to God. And He blesses us! And isn’t that what this season is really about? Pursuing a little more of God’s blessings?

If you are new to mentoring, you can find resources on my website that will help you safely explore the ideas there. Are you already a mentor? Do you need a mentor? Or perhaps both!?

If you choose to mentor, my website can prepare you for just about anything! If you don’t find the topic you are looking for, contact me and we can find an answer together.

If you need one on one training, or mentoring, I offer zoom calls! If you need to troubleshoot mentor groups or identify intergenerational best practices, I’d like to coach you through that too.

If your group needs a speaker for an event or a retreat, click here for a list of talks I give that can be customized for your group.

You can get ongoing information on my blog, and you can catch me on Facebook or Instagram.

Let me know how I can help you!





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