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You blinked, and your babies grew up. You feel the hot flashes of your new peri-menopausal to menopausal stage. Your mood swings make your empty nest seem lonelier and sadder than everyone else’s. And if you’re being honest, you are grieving the loss of your grown up babies. 

The final, and maybe the most important thing your young adult children need from you is space, so they can flourish on their own. But backing off? Well, it’s harder than you think.

If you don’t give them space, you risk becoming that needy “smother mother” who won’t let go. You will be deemed uncool and they won’t want to hang out with you–even on the rare occasion when they have time.

But if you give them space, what are you going to do with all your time and “leftover love?” Letting it go to waste makes you feel even sadder.

I believe you need a new purpose to alleviate the grief in your mom-heart so you can allow your own young adult children the space they need to flourish.

“Chris has such an amazing way to love and understand empty-nest women,
and God is always the natural force behind it all!”

Carol, a dear friend and mentor to Chris

Ready to get started?

When you become a member of my mentoring community, you’ll learn how to use the unique “mom” skill set you already have to: 

• Serve a younger generation of women who crave your example 

• Allow God to transform your “left-over love” to “love-on-purpose” for people who truly need it

• Create your own lifestyle of purpose which allows your adult kids the space they need to flourish

Imagine yourself as the “cool mom” everyone wants to hang out with–even your own kids!

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My ah ha moment

In 2003, I dropped my youngest child off at college across town, and at the same time, my husband was offered a job across the country. Suddenly, I was a broken-hearted empty-nester.

I needed my kids so much, it hurt my insides. I was on the verge of becoming a “smother-mother,” calling my kids too often, checking in too much. I had a lot of “left-over-love” to give, but my kids didn’t need all of it anymore. How do normal people deal with the sadness of their empty nest?

Mentoring others gave me the perfect place for God to transform my “left-over-love” into “love-on-purpose!” My new connections with my young mom friends gave my adult kids the space they needed to flourish on their own. Which transformed me into the “cool mom” my own kids wanted to hang out with!

Want to be the cool mom every one wants to hang out with?

You will find various free and paid mentor training resources and links here on this site:

• A Love for All Ages – a 22-page ebook about effective communication between generations

• Private group Zoom Calls to train your mentor and leadership team

• And an ecourse called Build a Bridge: 7 Lessons to Become the Best Mentor You Can Be

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“Chris has a passion and a conviction to mentor women. She serves her community through MOPS and mentors young moms, as well as coaches other women in their calling to mentor.”

Cheri, a wife, mom and professional

Don’t wait till you are “ready!”

If you want to join a community of mentors–like-minded empty nest women who have already graduated to being “the cool mom”– and learn to use the strength of your mood swings and hotflashes to make a difference in the hearts of a younger generation, while you set your own adult kids free to flourish, sign up here: http://eepurl.com/ccw-bD Get the Mentor Prep Kit and get started, right where you are!

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A note to my new empty-nester friends:

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