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What is your biggest stress factor when you think about taking on a “Project?”

When you feel a little down and you engage in one of the 5 Ps your Project takes your mind off worry and helps you navigate your season change with purpose and panache! What if you don’t feel like you have the time or attention to take on a Project?

Two “I-Don’t-Have-Time-For-a-Project” Projects that will Make Your Head Spin with Delight!

#1 The Husband Project by Kathi Lipp  if you don’t have time take on a Project that leaves your husband out, make him the center of your Project!

Kathi Lipp is a prolific writer of Project books and the very first one I read was the Husband Project! I was in a study group with  wonderful women who were all really interested in loving their man better. There are 21 chapters of “projects” that you can choose from when you can find the time. But what we found was that the response from our husbands as  we progressed through these little love projects, made us want to do more! Pick it up on Amazon and see if you can’t find the time for a squishy post-it note or text, or a little good gossip about your man on social media! I promise you – this project will have immediate transformational benefits!

#2 The Mom Project also by Kathi Lipp – If you can’t see the value of adding another thing to your calendar because your kids activities supercede everything else, then take on being a better Mom as your Project!

Like The Husband Project, The Mom Project has 21 “Projects” that help you connect with your kids. By the time Kathi wrote this book, I was already an empty-nester and I still used some of these chapters to connect with my adult kids! Post-it notes, texts or a little good gossip on social media work well for kids too! You’re only limited by your own imagination!

The idea with any project is to give you a task with a beginning and an ending to make you feel like you accomplished something extra! A Project takes your mind off worry, gives you an inner smile, and while you are busy with it, it gives your loved ones the space they need to flourish on their own. And then you can check that box off your list – with purpose and panache!

Before I close out here, tell me (comment, text, message, whatever): What is your biggest stress factor when you think about taking on a “Project?”


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