I am so glad you stopped by the blog today! There is so much to tell you! Where do I start??

In 2019, our family had several dramatic changes with our kids: job losses, career changes, death of a spouse, and the diagnosis of a genetic disorder. These lead to lots of fears, loneliness, tears, therapy and change. There was no going back to what-used-to-be. 

For years, I have mentioned we need five things: a friend, a cause, a hobby, a physical activity and a…er…what was that fifth thing? I could NOT remember, so I had to come up with a “recall tool.”

Ta-dah! The 5 Ps were born!  

  • Person
  • Place
  • Pastime
  • Physical Activity and
  • Project!

I could remember ALL of them now!  If I could remember all of them, I could use them all at once. And I could help you remember them and use them too!

During our lifetime as women, we go through lots of season changes and most of them are pretty darn special! Then as we age into Queen-Agers, the seasons change less frequently. When they do, it feels sort of…painful. 

  • Kids leave the nest and you feel as thought you might drown in all that “leftover love” they don’t need anymore.
  • They don’t call you back and you have to fight the urge to leave a million messages and become a “smother mother.”
  • Where is my waist? 
  • What will I do with an entire weekend alone? 
  • Who should I call? 
  • Have you seen my waist?
  • Which of my back-burner projects should I take on? 
  • What interests did I have B.K. (before kids), that I might want to get back to?

In 2019, when our lives crumbled around us, I used all 5 Ps together! And I navigated my season change all the way to a celebration! I had so much clarity!

Queen-Ager, I am offering you a lifeline on that tightrope that will take you all the way to the other side! A free Master Class that explains the 5 Ps, and then launches into the first P: Find your PERSON. It’s waiting for you! For FREE! It will help you learn how to: 

  • Allow God to transform your “left-over love” to “love-on-purpose” for people in a place who truly need it
  • Create your own lifestyle of purpose which prevents you from being a “smother mother” and allows your adult kids the space they need to flourish on their own
  • Discover pastimes, projects and physical activity that will support a healthy Queen-Age lifestyle

You don’t have to walk the tight rope alone, or without tools! Together we can use the 5 Ps to navigate and celebrate your season change!

Click here to get started today! For free! 



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