As we learn to navigate our season changes, we need a “Place” or cause to spend our time, energy and perhaps our donation dollars. I chose MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) as my place and mentoring young moms as my cause. After nearly two decades of mentoring, I see my own kids and my role with them through a different lens. Here are my takeaways for you as you define your place and your cause.

Your Place: When You Become a Mentor to Your Own Kids, They Gain the Runway They Need to Launch

  • As a parent, you have filled different roles as your children mature: nurturer, protector, manners teacher, homework helper, referee, coach, curfew police, but the last role your young adult children need from you is “Mentor” or a “Mom-tor!”
  • Every woman needs to navigate their season changes with 5 Ps: Person, Place, Physical Activity, Project and Pastime to give their adult children the space they need to flourish.
  • A quick and easy way to find a Place (or cause) is to learn to mentor your own adult kids.

What is a Mentor?

  • A mentor is a trusted person who comes alongside either by invitation or by happenstance to help you learn, process, or simply survive hard things, till you get to the next level. Hopefully, your children choose many mentors throughout their lifetime.
  • A friend who will listen without judgment, but with wisdom, acceptance and care.
  • An advocate who will talk you up in circles because they know more about you, your skills and talents, than others.

What a Mentor is Not:

  • A lifelong obligation, though a mentor might be around a long time
  • A yes-person
  • A servant, though they may perform acts of service from time to time
  • A babysitter

Mentoring for all these years has given me a different perspective. We are all mentoring, whether we realize it or not.

How do you get started with Mentoring?

I created Mentor Prep Academy to support women as they become mentors to others, but I realize the same information will support YOU as you learn to mentor your own adult kids. It is fun, fast and affordable.

Click here to check out the first lesson for free!

I pray that as you mentor your own kids, you see them flourish! And I hope that you love mentoring so much that you might consider using your new skills to mentor others who cross your path.

Together we can make a difference in the world — one adult child at a time.

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