When you are navigating a season change, you need a Project! Today I am going to suggest you make National Prom Day (March 31st) your project!

Project: Donate a dress for National Prom Day! Give others a chance to make memories like the ones you cherish!

When you think of your prom, what is your favorite memory? Is it your dress? Your friends? Was it the magic of looking as glamorous and grown up on the outside as you felt on the inside?

Proms reflect the generational fairy tale of their day. Prom, a rite of passage, is an opportunity to make choices and memories that may last a lifetime. Generation Zers around the world are all aTwitter, literally, as they prepare for their prom. There are many young girls who may not be able to go to their Prom because they can’t afford a dress, or the shoes and accessories that go with it.

How can we help?

What if we, the And Now What? Community, made Prom our project as we navigate our season changes? What if we assisted the young women in high school who want to go to Prom, but can’t afford a dress? What if we took the dress that made memories for us, or our daughters, and donated it to provide more memories that will last a lifetime for another young lady?

Here’s how:

  1. Find an agency that provides this service. Here in Arizona, The East Valley Women’s League has The Cinderella Affair.
  2. Donate a new or cleaned and gently-used dress, and/or some accessories and classic sparkle-y jewelry for girls who want their fairy tale, but would not be able to afford it otherwise. Traci Estenson, from the Cinderella Affair, says “it’s never too late to donate!” They take donations all year long for National Prom Day on March 31st.
  3. Once you find an agency, post a link to them on your social media pages. Spread the word!
  4. If you don’t find an agency, call a high school and ask if they can help you find a program.
  5. If you don’t get help from an agency or a high school, adopt a student from your church.

If you find a similar organization where you live, please, post website information in the comment section below so others in your area know where to donate too!

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