As we navigate our season change with purpose and panache, we need an immediate project. Not too big, not too small. One with a little prep and a few supplies. Here is an idea from my generation to yours!

Earth Day. It begins in 1970 with Boomers.

Or so Boomers would like to think.

Boomers believed that anyone willing to work hard could become anything, and they told their kids so. But as a group, Boomers had plenty and were often wasteful.

Their kids, from Generation X (your generation?) decided the environment was important and became activists to save the earth. Teams of Boomer parents rallied around their GenX kids to prove to them that they could achieve anything if they were willing to work hard. And Earth Day was born!

It might also have begun a generation earlier with grandparents, who were raised during the Depression who saved everything. They did not have words like “recycle or upcycle,” but they were masters at saving, re-using and re-newing!

Old typewriter with laptop, concept of technology progress

If there was one memory from your childhood, hobby, or positive practice that you would like to share with your children, could you make it a project? Could you gather all the family photos and store them digitally for your family? Could you gather old family heirlooms and label them with the history for your kids to carry the stories forward? Could you de-clutter the guest room closet? Could you build shelves for your old vinyl records? Could you resurrect the lost art of thank you note writing?

These are the kind of projects that initially keep us engaged, but more than anything, prepare us to navigate the season with purpose and panache!

What is a back burner project you’d like to find time for soon?

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