Place is one of the 5 Ps of navigating your season change with purpose and panache because it represents the place or cause you will serve when you have “time.”

Remember The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren?

Pictured here is the actual copy I read in 2002 as my husband’s job relocated us to Michigan. This book inspired me to serve so much I thought I might explode! But I was new to this state. I had no friends there. I had to seek out a place to serve.

I find a church. I have a meeting with Director of Women’s Ministry. Two weeks later, she phones and asks me to mentor moms for MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers).

It was like getting hit in the solar plexus. Was this the lamest thing she could ask me to do? But I said yes because I was desperate for connection, and being a mom had presented real challenges for me. Perhaps that would help me help others.

On that first, snowy, winter morning when all the minivans rolled into the parking lot, and all the toddlers scrambled out in their abominable snowman gear, I was hooked!

MOPS became my “place” in an instant! That was nearly two decades ago and my commitment to the cause of moms has only gotten stronger. Those first toddlers? They are high school seniors now! Almost ready for their own mentors!

Today, you are reading this blog because of MOPS. I recruit and train empty-nesters (like you) to explore mentoring for two reasons.

  1. Your adult kids need you to play one last role for them–they need you to be their occasional mentor so they can flourish. I have nearly twenty years of mentoring experience, and I can help you with that!
  2. Mentoring can be an easy place to start a lifelong legacy, or it can become a launch pad for the place God guides you to next.

The important thing is to start in this place, to serve a cause, and begin the legacy of service until your passion presents itself.

And Now What?

Join me in a quick mini-course at Mentor Prep Academy! It’s quick, easy, affordable and fun! And it will prepare you to start mentoring quick, so you can mentor your own adult kids, as well as navigate your place in this season with purpose and panache!

What ‘place’ will you serve?

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