Physical Activity is one of the 5Ps of navigating our season change with purpose and panache because, let’s face it, if we don’t use it, we lose it! Sometimes we have to try many different activities to find the one we love. Our bodies can take the beating they used to when we were younger, so finding safe and gentle alternatives that challenge us without killing us is imperative! Even where I live in the desert of the southwest, we find ways to navigate our seasons–with purpose and panache!

I live in Phoenix. Our seasons are different. We hibernate like most people, but in the summer. The shade in the desert is so hot that nothing moves. Especially me! The open sunshine is wicked intense. When autumn comes in the rest of the world, it is like spring here. We begin to sense the season change some time in September with earlier sunsets and cool mornings…well, cool to us. Here is my ode our seasons in the southwest!

Summer Falls, Autumn Springs!

Rain of nearly fall, welcome!
We know you will not linger
and our sun will make you steam
Our air will turn dark and thick,
but our clay will be renewed.
The cracks will disappear.
The water lines in the lakes will rise.
The residents will begin to move
All the projects left undone in the heat
Begin to reappear in the to do lists.
Old plants in the garden, withered by the sun
Will be plucked and replaced by new colorsplash.
Deep breaths of rain, steam, and then heat.
Exhale to endless hopes for new accomplishments.
Yes, autumn is different in Arizona.
It is not a turning inward. Not a making ready for winter.
It is a new beginning. A re-birth of sorts!
We are the oddballs and misfits who treasure winter for its relief.
We are the ones who live big in winter and sleep hard through summer.
We entertain snowbirds–those who escape the winters of east by sharing our mild winter sun.
We run to mild climates for our summer.
We don’t fall back or spring forward.
We have an opposite calendar than the rest of the world.
We love winter. We rest in summer.
Welcome to the nearly autumn rain!
–Chris Moss

When you are navigating a season change with purpose and panache, don’t forget to find your kind of exercise in every season where you live or visit. Keeping your body in peak shape is the only way to make your future healthy. Is this your season for long walks and fresh air? Is your bike calling your name from the corner of the garage, or do you need to buy a bike? Do you need to train for a 5K? Half marathon? Remember, you can WALK a half marathon. Team in Training is a great way to get started! Don’t let this season slip away! Check out a local Pilates studio.

What is your favorite movement in this season?

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