Road trips and cruise ships and tours, oh my!

We awaken the first day of retirement with awe and wonder: What shall we do today? Where shall we go? What shall we do?


Neither of us knows what comes next.

Create a bucket list

I suggest we make a bucket list. What are the things we need to do before we kick the inevitable bucket? No one knows how much time they have left but we know we have less time now than ever, so we had better get going.

I mention the trip I’d like to take to Israel. He mentions that he would like to see Alaska. Travel! That’s what we should do! And my husband Ed goes on a travel-planning streak. “We can go on a cruise to Alaska – the first one of this season – in five weeks! Let’s go!”

He plans the whole trip without the benefit of a travel agent and he did very well. It turns out cruises are pretty easy for ordinary folks to book.


  • He books a long weekend trip to Austin to see our grandsons. And their parents. And another daughter and her husband. But mostly the grands.
  • He books a trip to Baltimore to see his mom.
  • He uses a week of our timeshare to book a road trip to Carlsbad, CA for a summer escape.
  • Our newly retired friends call to see if we can join them for a Malt Shop Memories cruise and he books that.
  • We book trips with our daughters to New Orleans for a Saints game
  • and another daughter and a trip to Las Vegas

All these trips between May and October. And just like that, we are overbooked!

How did this happen?

My husband’s rationale is that he skipped vacations year after year to make money and feed and clothe little people. Now the little people have littles of their own. Without the responsibilities he once had, he should enjoy life! And I would add “or die trying!”

By the time we were done with that travel schedule, we had had the time of our lives! but we were ready for a long winter’s nap. The over-packing, unpacking, laundry and re-packing. The toiletries, hair product and tools—over the top! The shoes. Too many shoes. The snacks and entertainment choices could fill a whole bag! The just-in-case stuff that logged as many miles as we did, but were never used. Really? I learned a lot and I’d love to share!

Do you have a trip coming up? A special event? or a bunch of trips coming up? You don’t want to waste time and space over-packing, do you? You want to have all the comforts of home without all the weight, right? I understand that. Let’s see if we can get you on that trip and back home without getting a hernia!

I will start with these two packing tips:

  1. Make a list so you can physically check things off as you pack.
  2. Start packing as soon as you can get a weather report. Make adjustments to your list for weather.

What if you shared your best travel tips in the comments and together, we created a Travel CheatSheet to share with the blogosphere? Our combined wisdom could save many others from a travel nightmare.

Share your best travel tip in the comments section!

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