You blinked, and whaat? Your babies grew up! Sometimes, your mood swings make your empty nest seem lonely and sad. And if you’re being honest, you are grieving.

Seasons change, and like it or not, you are in a new season. You might be wondering how to make old things work, but they don’t.

Just like we need different clothes and accessories when the season changes, when our personal season changes, we need a little something to give us a lift! How about a new purpose to fill our empty mom-heart, and give our own young adult children the space they need to flourish?

Let’s try on the Five Ps on for this season change:

Physical Activity

Project (to Hook You)

Right now, you need to look at a single project that you have been waiting to take on till you had “time.” Make the time now. Unclutter that closet! Get all those family photos sorted and scanned! An immediate project broken down into a string of components you can do in a single sitting will give you a sense of accomplishment. And you need that right now. Right now!

Person (Besides Your Spouse)

You need a friend besides your spouse. Call all the people you have been “waiting till I have time” to have a good catch up session. See if you can find someone (or some ‘others’) now to groom into your person as you approach this season change.


Place (Or Cause)

Have you have given to a church or charity year after year? Maybe now you might like to serve with your time and energy too? A charity, church or school program is an awesome place to share your wealth of knowledge. If only you had the time… Make the time now!


Pastime (Or Hobby)

You have wandered the aisles of Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and there are three or four (or ten) hobbies you’d like to try, but you have never had the time. Now is the time. Explore quilting, or glass cutting, crocheting pr travel! Learn about them at the library or on the Google Machine! Try it all and then find the pastime that suits you best, for now.

Physical Activity

Perhaps you have a gym membership that has languished, or you would love to play pickleball with your Person (see above). What interests did you have when you were younger? Dancing? Golf, or Swimming? Jump in on an activity (or two) you can enjoy at least twice a week.

Why five Ps? you ask.

Because they won’t all stick. You will find two or three that fit like a glove and the rest will just be tools in your toolbox if you need them.

  • They will help you redirect your purpose to a place where you can truly be helpful so you don’t risk becoming that needy “smother mother” who won’t let go.
  • They will help you find a new purpose to alleviate the grief in your empty mom-heart so you can allow your own young adult children the space they need to flourish.

Here at And Now…What? we will look at the Five Ps with every single page and post of this website. Every time you read something here, you will walk away with an idea for transforming at least one aspect of the Five Ps. I offer as many solutions (paid and unpaid) as I discover.

Ready to get started?

When you become a member of the And Now…What? Community, you’ll learn how to use the unique “mom” skill set you already have to:
  • Serve people who crave your example
  • Allow God to transform your “left-over love” to “love-on-purpose”
  • Create your own lifestyle of purpose–which allows your adult kids the space they need to flourish

Imagine yourself as the “cool mom” everyone wants to hang out with–even your own kids–and answer me this:

What’s the worst part of season change for you?

Let me know your answer in an email or a comment, and if I have already written a blog post about it, I’ll send it to you! If I haven’t, maybe we need to write about it in this community! (No answer is dumb–except the one we didn’t mention– so tell me!)

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