Tiny chocolates! For most of us, Advent is a bunch of tiny chocolates behind paper flaps on a cardboard calendar, counting the days till Santa arrives!

Could Advent mean something more?

I believe the answer is yes. For the past three years I have studied and learned from Advent and I believe the waiting was never meant to be for Santa.

I have discovered that Advent is a deep tradition of preparing yourself at this season, for a Savior. Our Catholic and Lutheran brothers and sisters participate in Advent as an annual tradition. Their celebration through liturgy gives a richer sense of what we value–even long for–as Christians.

If we practiced Advent, could it generate some meaningful reflection, some peace in a chaotic season? Or help us understand a world filled with chaos just a little better?

God designed waiting into every human story.

  •     Abraham and Sarah waited for a child till they were in their nineties.
  •     Jacob waited in Egypt till he was old enough to lead a whole country through a famine.
  •     Jesus waited till the appointed time to be born, to teach, and eventually, to die as a sacrifice.
  •     And you…Maybe you‘ve had to wait for something you really wanted: a job, a child, the salvation of a loved one, a house, a corner office, an opportunity that required time for multiple variables to fall into place.

Your story includes waiting and waiting is hard. It develops disciplines like patience, peace, persistence, prayer  and joy that we won’t learn any other way.

The truth is, waiting is a requirement and we really have no other choice.

So let’s make this Christmas be different, even minimalist, by learning to wait through Advent.

Attached in this email is a print out of the daily scripture readings for the week. Many times, families light the candle and read the scripture before dinner, then blow out the candle after dinner. Because I do my devotional time alone and in the morning, I light my candle in the morning. Find the time that works best for you.

Join this quiet revolution of God-seekers who want a deeper connection at Christmastime.

Click here to download your free copy of Week One of the Advent Guide.

If you are new, you may want to read aloud just the first Sunday of Advent. If you are committed, follow the readings and light the one candle and do the reading every day–as many days as you can. God bless you as you begin!

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