The Word Of the Week is DEVOTION.

I meditate on the meaning of one word every week to see what God is trying to teach me as a DEVOTED mentor, a mom of adult children, a friend, a wife, and a woman who tries to lead with her faith forward. I share what I learn here to inspire you with hope, humor and heart.

There are lots of different kinds of devotion:

Sweet Devotion Adele – written by Adele for her son

Grease Hopelessly Devoted – Teen love expressed by Sandy in the musical Grease

I have been DEVOTED to mentoring since the early 2000s. I am also DEVOTED TO the meaning of words, I study them to learn what God is teaching me as a

  • Devoted mentor,
  • a devoted mom of adult children,
  • a devoted friend,
  • a devoted wife,
  • and a woman devoted to God who tries to lead with her faith forward.

So that’s who I am devoted to.


Webster says: Devotion is

religious fervor : piety

an act of prayer or private worship, usually used in plural: during his morning devotions

being ardently dedicated and loyal: her devotion to the cause

I am not fond of religious anything and I can’t remember being pious on my best or worst day. I think the first definition may be archaic. But the other two, yes.

I get up every day and read a passage from scripture. I read a devotional – or an inspirational writing. There enough devotionals out there for every interest.

In my DEVOTIONAL time, my goal is to start my day focused on what I understand to be God’s eternal truths. Because, nothing else –no matter what it is–comes close to His truths. Everything else will disappoint.

I have worked a long time to cultivate my gut –often where I first hear the voice of God–and remain as DEVOTED as I can to truth God puts there first. Every morning that I get up and read my “devotional” I am choosing again to be DEVOTED to Him.

And I am devoted to mentoring the next generations!

In our culture today, fewer and fewer people are devoted to the truths of God. Which means every person has their own version of the truth. They are often very devoted to their truth.

What if someone’s truth doesn’t mesh with another person’s? or with the eternal truths of God?

Then we have a big disconnect in our culture. And it makes our communities ripe for judgment and hate. Only agreeing to the higher truths of God will bring us all back into alignment. Because, His won’t disappoint.

Many people aren’t willing yet to say they don’t believe in God. But they live every day as if God is absent. I heard a term for this from Generational Expert, podcaster, speaker and author of the Daniel Generation, Jolene Erlacher this week: she calls it “functional atheism.”

It is in the middle of “functional atheism” —and friends we all go through our season of wondering if God is there– that we try to place our DEVOTION on themselves, another person, a cause, a concept or anything besides God. In all my years of experience, I will say my most miserable were when I was DEVOTED to someone or something beside God. People and things will let us down. Every. Time. Because they are imperfect. Anything, in comparison to God, is imperfect.

The scripture I chose for the Word of the Week DEVOTION is the way we are going to take our communities back:

Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.
Romans 12:10

This is the mentoring lifestyle. It is about being DEVOTED to God and to people. I am DEVOTED to God first, then I choose my husband, family, friends and YOU. It is my honor to choose YOU– my mentees and mentor friends.

So, I will ask again: Who are you devoted to? What are you devoted to?

Remember, … Whether you know it or not, we are all mentoring. We are all being mentored by someone. Use this word DEVOTION to be the best, most intentional mentor you can be!

Today, I have two announcements!


After conferring with my ‘hugsband,’ we have decided that I will take the summer months off. I will devote myself to the rhythm of rest and travel. I might pop in live on FB or post something randomly. But I will be starting a sabbatical starting June 1st.


I have a birthed a baby, an online school- Mentor Prep Academy! Like any mama, I am over the moon with excitement! because this is Step One of my dream of a DEVOTED online mentoring group for younger women. Mentoring is my lifestyle. I need more trained mentors to share the joy of guiding many more women.

I have created the first fun, affordable and comprehensive class in my online school: Build a Bridge: 7 Lessons to Become the Best Mentor You Can Be. It will provide structure and language for those who have mentored randomly for a long time; and provide confidence and clarity for those who are new to mentoring. Are you DEVOTED to being a Bridge Builder?

The intro and first two lessons are available for free here. The online course goes on sale on Friday, May 3rd for the early bird price of $67 till Tuesday, May 14th at midnight! That’s less than $10 a lesson!

During my summer sabbatical, I will be creating the second online class: Intergenerational Communication. If you jump in on this deal, you get the second online class for $27. That’s a total of $94 to become part of an elite online network of mentors that serves women of all ages and walks of life. Am I testing your DEVOTION to Bridge Building yet?

The two classes will be bundled for a much higher price in August. Still trying to figure that out.





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