The Word of the Week is Purpose

I’m Chris Moss and I have been mentoring since 2003. Not always on PURPOSE. I am also in love with the meaning of words, I study them to learn what God is teaching me as a mentor, a mom of adult children, a friend, a wife and a woman who tries to lead with her faith forward. That’s what I do on PURPOSE!

I mentioned on Facebook Live that I have a Love-Hate relationship with Purpose. Let me tell you how it started.

Why I Hate Purpose

It is October 13, 2002. I live in “the OC” and I’m looking for a new church. “I’ll try Saddleback Community Church!” Their parking lot stretches for acres and acres! There are volunteers stationed every few feet, smiling and handing you off like a dos-i-do to the next partner. The campus is big, but modest and the banners and tables with books are EVERYWHERE. “Banners for what?” you ask.

Banners for The Purpose Driven Life or 40 Days of PURPOSE. The day that I visit Saddleback is the initial launch of the very first copies of the now world famous book. The message was on purpose. The bulletin was on Purpose. The songs were about PURPOSE. Rick Warren was over the moon with excitement. He had birthed a baby book! It was over-stimulating. And a little over-priced.

Honestly, the whole experience was so commercial that I was disgusted when I left. I said I’d never read it. This is my HATE part of the relationship with purpose.

Why I Love Purpose

Fast forward a few months and my whole world is upside down. I’m moving to Michigan with my husband for his job. A friend whom I love and trust, gives me a book to keep me company on the plane.

Oh, no! It’s the Purpose Driven Life! Because I love and respect her, I decide to read it – one chapter a day. Just like the book recommends.

And I am hooked by the very first sentence: “It’s not about you.”

Because after being a Christian for 20+ years, I had never read a comprehensive step-by step book for faith. There were book studies, and Bible book, topical or character studies. So my faith foundation had gaps that I could not explain. PDL brought me foundational truths and then each next lesson built on the lesson before. It all related to PURPOSE.

But my love for PURPOSE ignited:

  • After we moved to Michigan and I found the best church ever: Kensington Community. I told the director of women’s ministry that I was so excited about my purpose that I would do anything to serve.
  • She asked me to be a mentor in 2003 and though I thought it was lame at the time, I agreed to try.
  • I mentored for 15 years looking for my real purpose.
  • It wasn’t until the past few years that I realized, mentoring is MY PURPOSE! It’s what I was designed to do!

Webster says:

PURPOSE is the reason for which something [or someone] exists, or is done, made, or used.

determination; resoluteness

As a verb – to set as an aim or goal for oneself.

to intend or design.

to resolve (to do something): Like “She purposed to serve God first.”

Since my solo venture going through the book on my own, I have taken the class once with a small group. Then taught it 8 more times for small groups, summer programs for MOPS moms, and book clubs. I own three copies of it, two sets of DVDs and a devotional book.

How Purpose Works

Last week, there was a little dissension on my facebook page about an off-color joke. Bible verses were wielded.

When I pulled out my resources for PDL to prepare for our Word Of the Week, which was PURPOSE, I flipped through the pages and I landed on Day 40. In this chapter, we are encouraged to use all we’ve learned to create a Life Purpose Statement. I have a personal one, that I have revised many times. It occurred to me that a Purpose Statement on my blog or Facebook page, would help others understand what to expect from me. Click here to read mine. I’m not for everyone. I know that. Maybe I’m not for you in your season of life. I love you anyway!

Though there are many scriptures about PURPOSE, I tend to choose the ones in the Old Testament:

But I have raised you up for this very PURPOSE, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.  Exodus 9:16 NIV

Justin Bieber has a PURPOSE. God wants to show His power through your PURPOSE. How will God show His Power through you? What will your PURPOSE be?

If you think mentoring is a lame idea – like I did–or if you think you might like to try it out to see if it’s your purpose, or if you are a seasoned mentor, I have an idea for you!

Like Rick Warren and his little book that I rejected on that October Sunday, I have a birthed a baby, an online school- Mentor Prep Academy! Like any mama, I am over the moon with excitement! because this is Step One of my dream of an online mentoring group for younger women. For me, mentoring is my lifestyle. There are a lot of younger women out there and they all need trained mentors! Are you game? Because you won’t know what your PURPOSE is until you try something.

I have created the first class in my online school: Build a Bridge: 7 Lessons to Become the Best Mentor You Can Be. It is fun, affordable and comprehensive. Like Rick Warren’s baby bestseller provides structure and language around faith, my baby online school provides structure and language around mentoring. For those who have mentored randomly for a long time, it helps fill in the gaps. For those new to mentoring, it provides confidence and clarity. Could you be a Bridge Builder? On purpose?

The first lesson is still available for free at It is available now through next week (May 14th) for the early bird price of $67. That’s less than $10 a lesson! The price goes up to the regular price May 15th at 12:01am. And you will never see it for $67 again.

During my summer sabbatical, I will be creating the second online class: Intergenerational Communication. If you jump in on this deal, you get the second online class for $27. That’s a total of $94 to become part of an elite online network of mentors that serves women of all ages and walks of life.

Does mentoring sound more like your PURPOSE yet?

Remember, … whether you know it or not, we are all mentoring. We are all being mentored by someone. Use this word PURPOSE to be the best, most intentional mentor you can be!

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