THE Word Of the Week is PRESENCE

I meditate on the meaning of one word every week To see what God is trying to teach me as a mentor,a mom of adult children, a friend, a wife, and a woman who tries to lead with her faith forward.I share what I learn here to inspire you with hope, humor and heart.

Webster says PRESENCE is:

being present

the bearing, carriage, or air of a person especially : stately or distinguished presence

a noteworthy quality of poise and effectiveness: like a commanding presence

something (such as a spirit) felt or believed to be present

Every generation has had a communication distraction from being present–note writing, phone calls, pager beeps, mobile phone calls, emails, texts and social media have all served as distractions. Being off your device, and looking eye to eye with another person is a good definition today for presence.

“Something such as a spirt felt or believed to be present” means that when you feel GOOSEBUMPS, it is a kind of presence. It’s a little nudge from God. It means He is reminding you that what matters to you, matters to Him

Before Easter om this series of Words of the Week, we meditated on SIN, then FORGIVENESS. Which leads us to a logical next step: PRESENCE.

If SIN separates us from God, and FORGIVENESS restores us to His PRESENCE, then isn’t His PRESENCE the goal?

The Scripture I chose for today is:

You have made known to me the ways of life; You will make me full of gladness with Your PRESENCE.
Acts 2:28

If the presence of God fills you with joy, you are listening to Him as He teaches you the ways of life. If the presence of God does not bring you gladness, or joy, perhaps you are not listening and responding to what He is revealing to you. Remember, experiencing His presence is the goal. If something else eclipses that, start listening more.

As mentors, our PRESENCE has a few beneficial effects:

  1. Our PRESENCE grounds others just by being a few steps ahead of them. If we survived whatever we represent to them, then they have a higher level of confidence that they too will survive.
  2. Our PRESENCE can help others make wiser choices: If someone is considering a big life change, they know they have at least one person to bounce ideas off!
  3. Our PRESENCE  can be an example of how to grow older gracefully. When your maturity shows in a sticky situation, you set examples for others to follow.

In what ways does the PRESENCE of a mentor help you?

PRESENCE is being present, feeling the presence of God, and sensing the presence of those we trust. Take those same gut feelings and if you feel a PRESENCE that is unsafe–believe your feelings and run. Just go! Find a safe place till you can find a mentor to help you figure things out. PM me if you don’t have a mentor of your own.

Are you thinking about being a mentor, or do you already look up to someone who could be an incredible mentor? if they only had the confidence? Today I’m letting you in on my BIG SECRET! I am currently creating “MENTOR PREP ACADEMY.” A new online school to help mentors gain the skills they need to be confident helpers and strong examples to younger women. It’s in beta testing now!

Remember, … Whether you know it or not, we are all mentoring. We are all being mentored by someone. Use this word PRESENCE to be the best, most intentional mentor you can be!


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