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I would sit by the phone for hours. I might do my nails or condition my hair, pretend to read a book, but mostly I was guarding the phone. I would fight my sister tooth and nail to keep that hot pink rotary phone in my room cradled… just in case HE might call. That handsome, tall blond boy with the little wisp of a mustache from my Civics class.

He had asked for my phone number earlier in the week and I was over-the moon with joy! In the words of Thumper in the movie Bambi, I was “twitter-pated.”

It’s been over forty years, I am sad to report that call never came. I sat in Civics class and stewed almost every day of that term. I wasted so much time on that boy! And many boys after that.

Boomer Love

For Baby Boomers, the phone was the way we proclaimed our love to one another. We also passed notes and sent letters, but if we were part of the cool crowd, we had long phone calls whispered from secluded corners in our homes. Boys called girls. Nice girls waited for the call to come in. Bad girls called boys. They were called “hussies!” and parents judged us…er, them.

Our worth and value was fed like a stingy intravenous drip through that phone line by the voice on the other side. If the call never came, our endorphins dropped and we were denied our place in our high school social structure.

Our colleges and careers all hinged on telephone calls. All news, good or bad was transmitted by phone. We were all addicted to our rotary dial phones.

You may not have been a boomer in the age of the landline where our hearts and our ultra long phone cords were entangled. But you know what it feels like to wait. If you are a man, you know how much courage you had to muster to reach out to a girl and hope for acceptance instead of the click of rejection. You know what it feels like to wait for a phone call to tell us if we got the job, or our medical results are positive or negative.

The Ultimate Call mentions the word “call” 1,272 times across the many chapters and versions of their translations of the Bible. But the most interesting call is for all followers of Christ:

…to us who are personally called by God himself—both Jews and Greeks—Christ is God’s ultimate miracle and wisdom all wrapped up in one..” 1 Corinthians 1:24 The Message

Being called by God is the ultimate acceptance. Isn’t it absurd, that we follow phone call etiquette rules and become the ones who wait by phones and the ones who hesitate to make the phone call? When we could simply forego rejection, without waiting or fear, and answer the call from God for the ultimate miracle of wisdom, acceptance and salvation.

Because isn’t that what we really want from any call? The miracle of love given and received, and the wisdom that comes from a deep acceptance of who we are? Our souls are saved by such a call.

Your Call

And so it is with the Baby Boomer generation. If you are communicating to a Boomer, pick up a phone and call them. This is truly your best shot of giving them the miracle of love you intend. They will feel known, loved and accepted by you. And if you share your love by phone with a Boomer, I bet you, you will feel known and accepted at the end of the call too. Give it a try, and leave me comment to let me know how it goes…

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