Like for an Amazon package, we wait. Only now we wait for a tiny package with big implications.

We wait for the babe who will one day grow up and change the world–no, not merely change the world, but SAVE the world!

In my self-centric world, He started the change with me. As I examine the endless list of family and friends placed strategically in my path to bring me to this place of forgiveness, I realize that His saving of the world began at His birth and it now boasts a long list of believers which, by His design, includes me. And I hope it includes YOU.

In Father William Saunders History of the Advent Wreath, the liturgy for Christmas Day says brilliantly:

“The new light of your incarnate word gives gladness in our sorrow, and a presence in our isolation. Fill our lives with your light, until they overflow with gladness and praise…Today the Saviour is born and those who live in darkness are seeing a great light. Help us to greet the birth of Christ with joy, to live in the light of your Son, and to share the good news of your love. We ask this through Jesus Christ, the light who has come into the world…One with us, yet born to save, He will show us the way to God.”

You may feel sorrow or darkness during the holidays. Let Him bring you gladness as you light the candles. Let Him bring you a presence so you no longer feel alone. You may be overwhelmed by all the Christmas or holiday commitments and trappings in our world. May we see the great light of love that fills us with genuine gladness and praise!

You may long to experience the hope, peace, love and joy that the coming Messiah brings. I am with you. I have studied this ancient, foreign way to follow Jesus just for the hope of knowing that Jesus meets us in the waiting. And He does. Click here for advent-guide-week-four.

My prayer for you is that no matter how you celebrate Jesus’ birth this season, or even if you choose not to, that His light overwhelms you so that His love through you illuminates the darkness of those around you.

I pray that we–you and me–know great joy, and an authentic pathway to God through the babe, the Man, the Savior for whom we have waited throughout the Advent Season.

Happy Christmas to all!

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