Isaiah 7:14 Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign:

The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.


Isaiah was just one of the prophets that foretold of Jesus’ birth. But so many of them waited patiently and foretold of something, someone that they would never see or meet in their lifetimes.

In the First Week of Advent, God called his people out. He let them know He is on to them, He commanded them–US–to repentance, to “cease doing evil, and to learn to do good.”

In the Second Week of Advent, God tells us through Isaiah and other prophets that changing our habits is not enough. He demands an attitude change. We must humbly submit ourselves to the will of God. But we don’t know the will of God, and that’s what makes that such a scary command.

Return to the Lord

In the Scripture Reading for the Second Sunday in Advent, the Lord calls His children—the people of Jerusalem—to return to him. Freed from sin, they must mourn their past and leave it behind, but they refuse. Instead, while they should be preparing their souls for the coming of their Savior—their Messiah—they celebrate, and God vows to humble them.

Prepare for the Coming of Christ

There are a lot of lost people celebrating Christmas, but are they celebrating Christ? All around us, people who abandoned their belief in Christ have hijacked his birth celebration to make merry every December. They will be humbled.

We are encouraged, tempted, even compelled to join in. After all, it would be rude to refuse the invitations of friends and coworkers to Christmas parties, right?

If we choose to join in to the holiday revelry, we need to always remember the reason for this season is Advent.

Advent helps us prepare ourselves

  • for the coming of Christ as a baby at Christmas
  • for His coming to us as our personal Savior
  • and His Second Coming at the end of time.

Just like the prophets, we don’t know when we will be called upon to do something brave. I don’t want to be humbled because I celebrated too much. I want to be prepared. So let’s wait…on Him.

This week in Advent, we honor the prophets for their preparation and courage. Click here for the Advent Guide for Week Two.

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