In a world that hurries, the physical act of listening is a lost art. 

Sure, we listen to music, podcasts, telephones, and televisions. We have headphones so no one has to hear what we listen to but us. 

But the face-to-face act of human listening between people is diminishing with each generation.

In a world that hurries, people struggle to keep up with the pace. Our children get hurried. When adults don’t listen with patience to children, children don’t learn to listen. 

When children don’t listen, they miss cues from their hurried parents. It starts a carousel of 




and explode.

And the cycle goes round and round.

Many of the young adults of today, perhaps you, have been hurried and scolded and not listened to. 

Maybe you don’t know who to trust with your questions. 

When faced with difficult circumstances, maybe you try to gain your stability through help on Google. You may get more than enough information to wade through, but something is lacking.

On Google, you don’t get the perspective to help you focus on the best alternatives.

Mentors reintroduce younger adults to listening.

It is an act of kindness when someone leans in to the words of another person, makes eye contact and just ‘hears’ them. A prepared mentor can take that heard information and offer perspective, not easy answers, or opinions. They can offer to use years and years of experience to see potential outcomes. They can refer to someone who can truly help. Or they can just sit in the shared experience, and ask a few good questions, while you process your own stuff.

If you need a mentor

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