As a mentor of moms, I am often face-to-face with a mom who has suffered such great loss. Loss I have no experience with. In this situation it is best to call upon those who have walked that path.Today, I want to introduce to you Rachel Lewis, speaker, author, and originator of Brave Mamas Facebook Group for Bereaved Moms. Of all her titles though, Rachel has worked hardest at becoming a mom–a bio mom, a foster mom and an adoptive mom. When I know a mom who has suffered a loss, I refer them to Rachel.

Today, please welcome Rachel to the blog…

Tonight, I light a candle

Bereaved parents, or anyone who has been affected by infant and pregnancy loss, are encouraged to participate in the wave of light. October 15 at 7 pm your local time, light a candle in remembrance of your baby, and together, we’ll create a wave of light around the globe. This October — my candle will be lit for my losses — and will be lit for yours too. 

Tonight — I light a candle.

For me.

For you.

For you who are new to your loss and are barely holding on by a thread.

For you who have had years and years to heal, and yet your scar still sometimes bleeds, still sometimes scabs over.

For you who lost your first, and wonder if you’ll ever get to parent a living child.

For you who lost your last, and grieve the hole that you feel in your family.

For you who lost your child or children early in gestation, and sometimes wonder if your loss counts.

For you who have lost many children, and the pain and burden you feel is just overwhelming.

For you, who remember all too well (then some days, not enough) what it feels like to hold the shell of your child in your arms. Here — but gone.

For you who never got to meet your child.

For you who are missing a niece, a nephew, a grandchild, a cousin, or a godchild.

For you who are missing a sister or brother.

For you who are locking arms, holding tight, clinging to everyone around you for support.

For you who feel alone. Oh so alone.

For you who had to bury your child.

For you who never had a chance.

Tonight — I light a candle for you and yours.

May you find some peace and comfort as you think of your babies tonight.