It’s the 1980’s and tech is just emerging for families. All across America, latchkey kids in single-parent homes let themselves into an empty house after school. The kid heads directly to the landline phone, the cordless one as big as his shoe, with push buttons because, well…rotary phones are so last decade.

A number is pressed in, and “beep” is sent to mom. Before the child finishes his after-school snack, the landline rings. Mom checks in between her work-related tasks with love, care and dinner instructions. 

When Tech is Love

The phone is still a lifeline for sharing love in the GenX generation. Call waiting was introduced so no one ever got a busy signal ever again! Affordable answering machines accepted messages even while you were away. No more missed calls! 

Email was introduced in the formative years of the GenXer and coolness was defined by having your own clever “e-mail address.” Handles like gr81@___, or metsfan@___, mnmlover@___ were common. Few people used their own name.

In this way, offering your email address was often a glimpse inside a GenXer personality. And the coolest kids were doing it!

These examples demonstrate how technology entered the way love was expressed in this generation. There was less face to face love and more “transmitted love.” 

Communicate with a GenXer

The important thing to remember for GenXers is to use tech to advance a bond from acquaintance to friendship. 

For older generations this can lead to misunderstandings because navigating tech doesn’t come easy. Often, text conversations become too long for the GenXer. Or a succinct response leads to one person thinking the other is hurt or angry. 

Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.” (Ephesians 4:3)

Every effort includes tech! The best way to love a GenXer is to use technology to develop a “bond of peace” even if you experience a personal glitch. 

Glitch Control

If tech creates some e-drama. 

1. Stop. Tech drama can quickly escalate to a cyber-storm with a GenXer. Then you experience…cyber-silence. So unpleasant!

2. Peace is your best and biblical option. Understanding and being understood is more important than being right. 

3. Re-set with a quick (really quick! think beeper quick!) phone call.  Give a blanket apology to resolve any issues.

4. Allow some time for emotions to become peaceful again.

5. Re-boot to re-engage in the tech method that serves your friendship best.

What tech have you used to communicate with a GenXer?

If you are a Millennial and are communicating with GenXers, your perspective could be invaluable! Our readers would love to have as many techniques as possible–please share!

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