As a Mentor Mom for Mothers of Pre-Schoolers, I am in the company often of lots of smart, young millennial moms. It is my pleasure to welcome Vanessa Carrell, my past Discussion Group Leader, to share her story on the blog today!

Millennial Mom

by Vanessa Carrell
The moment I held my baby boy I knew I’d do anything for him. I was prepared to give up my career and time with friends. I was fine with giving up going out to fancy restaurants and spontaneous travel.

I was not prepared to give up my sleep or my memory.

I LOVE sleep, and memory is pretty cool too. But surprisingly I sacrificed. No matter how tired I was, as I stumbled through the darkness following the sounds of baby cries, when I looked at my little boy I was content with the sacrifice.


I discovered that when you have a baby you give up your own desires—even your life—and you live for this tiny, little person. I love this little boy so much, I would literally die for him.
And then I realized that’s how much God loves me. He sacrificed His one and only son so that I could have eternal life. If I love my baby this much I know God loved His baby just as much and, still He made that sacrifice. For me. For Michael. For you.
Wow! Love is a powerful thing and I’m so grateful for the family God has given me to love and for God’s love for me.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
John 3:16

Millennial Moms Encourage Us

Vanessa has grasped a life-changing paradigm in a way that serves her and her family in her generation. I am grateful for her leadership in our mom community. She gives me confidence that future generations will still love and serve God long after I finish.

Older generations, like mine, can rest in the leadership that God is developing moms like Vanessa to lead. She like many millennial moms rock the world the same way they are rock their children: one discovery at a time!

Please leave a comment below to encourage Vanessa in her Millennial Mom journey.

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