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Baby Boomers (born 1942-1964)

I would sit waiting for the phone call for hours. I might do my nails or condition my hair, pretend to read a book, but mostly I was guarding the phone. I would fight my sister tooth and nail to keep that hot pink rotary phone in my room, and cradled… just in case HE might call. That handsome, tall blond boy with the little wisp of a mustache from my Civics class.

Did he “Call me, maybe?”

Nope. The call never came.

The Phone Call for Important Milestones

For Baby Boomers, the phone call was the best method of communication. The phone was their means of expressing like, love and contempt. Phones were carried to secluded corners of their home, with trailing, long cords, to whisper news, scream with joy, or argue and hang up!

A Boomer’s social life, college acceptance, and career all hinged on phone calls. All news was transmitted by phone. Boomers became addicted to rotary dial phones (no, your generation wasn’t the first to be addicted to a phone!).

You may not have been a Boomer in the age of the landline where hearts were entangled with ultra long phone cords; but if you have a Boomer friend, their hearts and cords were all tangled together!

The best way to connect with them is the phone call.

The Ultimate Call

The website Biblegateway.com mentions the word “call” over 1200 times across the many chapters and versions of their translations of the Bible. Before there was a telephone! Here is an interesting perspective of the word call:

“…to us who are personally called by God himself—both Jews and Greeks—Christ is God’s ultimate miracle and wisdom all wrapped up in one…” (1 Corinthians 1:24 The Message)

That’s what Boomers want–what all of us want! The miracle of love given and wisdom shared.

The “call” needs to come ultimately from God for maximum impact.

Your simple phone call may not carry the same weight as being called by God. An oridnary phone call may not be like Christ as an ultimate miracle. But a phone call could be the sacred earthly equivalent to the heavenly “call” for a Boomer. A phone call carries more weight for a Baby Boomer!

Give a test-call to a Boomer

Carly Rae Jepsen gets it. You can too!

To communicate best with a Boomer, pick up a phone and call them.

How long did they keep you on the phone!? <wink!> Leave a comment below and share: who you called, and how long did you spend on the phone call? How did they make YOU feel?

Call Me, Maybe?

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