I wanted to celebrate my BEST girlfriend today, but who is my best friend? I can’t celebrate just one.

You see, I always thought to have a best friend–it had to be one friend who separated themselves from all the rest. But that makes a really tough choice.

“Best is a quality, not a quantity. If we say something is best, we’re not saying that we have to dislike everything else in order to like this thing. Best means that something, or someone, has reached a level of excellence, trust, appreciation. It doesn’t mean that nothing else can.” Shasta Nelson

If a girlfriend reaches a level of excellence, trust and/or appreciation, she could be your BEST friend.

Which means I could have a whole list of people who are my best girlfriends. Betty Lou, Elaine, Joyce, Janet, Jenny, Sue, Laurie, Vanessa and Shannon could all my BEST friends.

If you assess your BEST friends according to Shasta Nelson’s statement, you may find that you have best girlfriends that you might never have singled out if you thought you had to choose just one.

When Girlfriends Talk

The University of Michigan released a study that suggests when we participate in “girl talk,” we release progesterone which elevates mood, decreases stress, leads to improved health, and makes us more willing to “promote the well-being of another person.” (Los Angeles Times: ” A Scientific Take on Female Friendship”)


Familiarity is key. Without it, we miss out on the benefits of friendship. There is no girl talk, no progesterone, no good moods. No friendship. We lose the ability to promote the well-being of another person. And our well being is affected too.

Psalm 139:3 says “You discern my going out and my lying down; You are familiar with all my ways.”

God knows us so well. He is more familiar with us than anyone else. He sends us girlfriends to share our struggles and joys, to become familiar with us and take this journey together with us. Girlfriends are sent to us like God in people’s clothing.

And then He sends us.

That’s powerful!

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