In a land full of freedom fanatics and fighters, Independence Day has a meaning that has evolved over our short history. The first of our forefathers fought for our independence from England. The Civil War followed, when our country needed to decide if independence was for slaves too. Since then all our wars have been on the soil of other countries. All that is politics and power. And all of that pales in comparison to the plan God has for freedom.

Freedom really needs to be in the heart of each individual. Why? Because God calls us ALL to freedom. Every person, of every generation, race, creed, color and gender.

You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free…serve one another humbly in love..” Galations 5:13

It’ is interesting that in God’s economy, freedom is not about seizing power, gaining rights, or recognition. Freedom is so much more. In God’s plan, freedom is used to love and to serve.

God called us to be free, and what most liberates our hearts from our own bondage is serving one another…humbly…in love.

Maybe you are a freedom fighter. Maybe you are a freedom fanatic. Perhaps you are silent. No matter where you sit, or if you straddle the fence, you were called, by the God of the universe, to be free, to love and to serve.

If you have not identified a place to serve, I’d like to offer to you the opportunity to mentor other women. Think of the biggest struggle you have faced and how many extra steps you might save another woman who’s on the same path. Everyone has something to offer another person – especially moms. Connect with me so I can help you get started.

Happy Independence Day

to you

and the ones you serve…humbly…in love.

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