Your mom! She was hand-selected by God to raise YOU! She was perfectly imperfect to pour love into you so you could be come the person you are today!

She was your first love, your sole means of support, your lifeline and cheerleader.

She is the one who comforted you when you were sad or disappointed or stressed out – because kids’ lives have stressors.

She helped you learn how to feed yourself, clean up after yourself, get dressed, tie your shoes and be polite.

She held your head while you were sick.

She said prayers with you. Maybe she took you to church, or forced you to go.

She labored over your math homework and helped you with special projects till you could both scream—and sometimes you both did.

She celebrated all your milestones. She prepared you to be the best version of yourself and then she set you free to create your best version of yourself.

If you are lucky, she is still in your corner on this planet. Give her a hug and say a prayer for her. Celebrate her big on Mother’s Day!

Or maybe today, like me, you are remembering your mom as she was because she left this earth too soon—because there is never a good time to say the last good-bye to your mom. You wish you could just pick up the phone and have one more conversation to tell her about all that’s happened since she left you.

Or maybe your mom and you have a rocky relationship. When I struggle with some of my mom’s imperfections, I take comfort in the words of Brene Brown in Rising Strong when she asks the question: “What if they are doing the best they can?”

Moms who make bad choices and live out the consequences in front of their children really are doing the best they can. I have to believe that or go down the rabbit hole of despair. The struggle of the “what-ifs” of my upbringing have made me a better person and a better mom. In a weird way, I suppose we can be grateful for what we learned from the struggle with our moms.

So today, let’s celebrate our moms no matter where they are! No matter what they have or haven’t done well. For some of us, we will look toward heaven and say thank you. For others, we can visit, call and/or send a card. As it says in Proverbs 31:28, Let’s “rise up and call her blessed!”

How will you celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day? Or perhaps you will be celebrated as a mom? Or both? What is unique about this Mother’s Day for you?

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