Earth Day. It begins in 1970 with Boomers. Or so Boomers would like to think. But does it really?

Boomers have a huge age span, from 1942-1964. They are a big, unwieldy generation where a Boomer born early in the span could have just GenX kids. While one born later in the span could have a combination of GenXers and Millennials, or all Millennials.

One of the Boomer ideals was anyone willing to work hard could become anything. But as a group, Boomers had plenty and were often wasteful. In business, their style was to work in teams. As they became parents, and divorced in record numbers, they taught their GenX kids to be team players and to fend for themselves.

As a result, GenXers became a pack who raised each other, often with good parental influence, but not with the supervision of previous generations. Parents told GenXers that if they worked hard, they could achieve anything. GenX kids decided the environment was important and became activists. Teams of Boomer parents rallied around their GenX kids to prove to them that they could achieve anything if they were willing to work hard. And Earth Day was born!

But really? Did it really begin with Boomers? And GenXers?

Here is the mind-blowing truth…

A close examination of the characteristics of the Traditionalist tell us Earth Day sprang forth from their generation. Why?

Traditionalists were born during, or just post the Depression. They did not waste. They saved. Everything. They did not have words like “recycle or upcycle,” but they were masters of those activities along with saving, re-using and re-newing! Every piece of “tin foil,” every bread wrapper, every scrap of cloth, wood, or whatever they had on hand was saved to re-use. Why? Because the Traditionalist knew what it was like to live without work, without food, without enough. Rations of food, gasoline and other commodities during World War II had affected their collective psyche so deeply that many still save too much.

Every day is Earth Day to the Traditionalist. They must think the rest of us are pretty darn silly for celebrating the earth just a single day of the year.

Are you celebrating the earth today? If so, what generation are you?



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