“It takes a village” is a quote about raising children, but no one tells us that motherhood—or even just adulthood—requires a village too. All the different twists and turns a life takes can benefit from the wisdom and experience of someone walking the same path, just a few steps ahead. The need for a village does not stop, for any of us! I still have mentors, and some of them are younger than me, and my life is infinitely better because of what my mentors have helped me achieve or understand.

Perhaps you have experienced the love and care of a good mentor at some point in your life. You know how wonderful it felt to trust someone with your questions and concerns and to be encouraged in your quest or dilemma. You may look back on your success today and know that it was all because of one Divinely-placed individual who believed in you and helped you acquire the belief and skills to achieve great things.

So I ask you, could you take that experience of blessing, and be part of someone else’s village? Could you speak truth into the life of someone else a few steps behind you? Could you catapult someone you know into their next success? Wouldn’t becoming a mentor be like paying it forward to the mentor that helped you?

Or could you step out and ask someone to mentor you?

2018: The Year of the Mentor

Whether you need a mentor, become a mentor, or both, let’s explore mentoring or intergenerational friendships that will make 2018 the year that catapults you into something special! Maybe you have a dream that you aren’t sure how to achieve. Maybe you are walking through a time in life and you feel isolated and alone. Maybe you are bursting with wisdom and have no one to share it with! In this series, we will explore:

  • how to find a mentor
  • how to become a mentor
  • the importance of mentorship
  • and more…

Who’s in?

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