We have explored two topics to bridge the generations:  A Love for All Ages; and Guess Who’s Getting a Tattoo?

What would you choose for the next topic?

What makes you shake your head when you think of other generations? What topics would help you better understand someone older, or younger? What would improve your most challenging relationship(s)? I’ll throw out some choices, but we aren’t limited to these:

  1. Core values of each generation: How they shaped today’s culture
  2. The Digital Divide: Or, how do I get my millennial to call me back?
  3. Not my circus, not my monkeys: Each generation’s view of the circus that links us all together: Family!
  4. What can we do today to prepare for Generation Z?
  5. Tolerance: Each generation’s view of differences: cultures, sizes, intellects, sexual preferences and faiths
  6. Justice and Activism: What is (was) each generation willing to fight for? How does that affect us today?

The choices are unlimited! To understand an older or younger generation better, develops wisdom that will serve your friendships and family. It could build your legacy for generations to come. But the best? is when you use understanding to bring the love of God to the ones you love, and bring glory to Jesus!

How brave are we, as a tribe of bridge-builders? What topics are you brave enough to ask for? Leave the number of your first choice in the comments section please, or leave your own words if you have a different need.

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