footbal huddle
I write about transitions for women, about being on the edge of something really exciting: Like the beginning of the football season! This transition cuts across gender lines. After a whole summer of slow-as-molasses baseball (which has been a real disappointment in the desert), splashy Olympiads, tennis (yawn), and golf (zzzz) we are finally on the edge of something really exciting!

Every year, the football season starts with the Hall of Fame inductions and this year was inspiring as one of my legends in football and faith, Tony Dungy was inducted.

We may never be legendary football heroes, but we can learn a lot from them.  Unless you are willing to strap on the shoulder pads and run onto the field, the lessons we will learn from football are more lessons of the heart, not the body.

I am reading through Hebrews, described by Nick Page of MAP (Making the Bible Meaningful, Accessible and Practical as a coach’s pep talk at halftime. It encourages us to keep pressing on with our game plan.

But maybe we just had the worst quarter of lives. Maybe we are physically and emotionally exhausted.  Maybe we feel outmatched by our opponent. Maybe we don’t want to go out on that playing field called life and take another hit.

Maybe, we just need to listen again to the game plan.

If we allow God to be our Coach, and He whips open his Playbook (our Bibles), we may hear our game plan fresh. We may hear Him repeat the same game plan He has said over and over, but this time, we might hear something different. Something that gives us the hope and courage to stare down our opponent. He reminds us that the victory is His and even though we struggle now, we are winners right alongside Him.

But the key for us is to listen to His Word. If we drift away from the Playbook, we forget our assigned position. Or we forget how to optimize our assistance to our teammates. We get sucked into a steel-trap strategy laid out by our opposition to win the game, to take us down and keep us out of the game. But this opponent doesn’t just play to win, he plays to anhilate. He won’t be happy if you are taken off guard, or taken off the field in an ambulance. Our enemy leads a team to destroy us.

You can’t fight that battle without backup. You can’t even hope to win without solid Coaching.  So we have to have our game plan:

  • Spend one on one time with the Coach. Empty your mind by speaking it to Him. He’s tough. He can take anything you have to say–even trash talk! Just do it!
  • Read the Playbook! Start today in Hebrews to get your pep talk! Find a version that is easy to understand on ‪
  • Become coachable. Listen to what your Coach says and do it! Or if he tells you NOT to do something, DON’T!
  • Find your team and stick to it! Get in a huddle with people you trust. Confess your fears and dreams. Make your gridiron characteristic trust.
  • Create a game plan, set a goal and back each other up.

Are you on the edge of something amazing? What’s it going to take to get you there?

Whatever your season looks like, whatever my season looks like, I pray we all finish strong! Booyah!

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