golde & tevya

Remember Fiddler on the Roof? When Tevya does the hora around the stage singing “TRADITION!?” As a woman, that’s how I feel about transitions! Golde should have been dancing around the stage singing “TRANSITIONS!”

We float daily from task to task, sometimes so fast we forget why we walked into a room! And once we remember, we realize getting this task done is critical to whatever the next task is, and the next, and so on.

All those little, daily transitions lead to bigger transitions. As women, we take them very seriously. Think about these few transitions:

  • How many hair style changes have you had? But not men.
  • How many outfits do you buy in a year, just to stay current. Men? not really. If they shop, they buy stuff that looks exactly like what they left in the laundry basket!
  • How many family changes have you absorbed with your kids right on the front lines? They say their first word, take their first step, color their first picture. Then you show Dad after he gets home from work.
  • We have babies. Do we really need to describe the changes to your body as you smuggle a human around for nine months? then try to get things back into working order as if it had never been there? Dad watches. He tries not to show his horror.
  • We watch the force of gravity take our beauty and drain it right out of our finger and toenails. Watch all the older ladies at the nail salon. They are truly working on the last thing they’ve got going for them! It is a true oddity to see a man at the nail salon. Every woman cranes her neck like she’s at the zoo to see whatever the goings on with “the man” is.
  • And we watch our little ones leave the nest. We ache for their first flights, literally and professionally. We want to make things better for them and sometimes we get all up in their stuff. Dad just waits for them to call.
  • We care for an aging parent or parents while we cultivate character in our teen children. Dad does all he can, but no one is prepared for the degeneration of their own parent. No one.

I have not mentioned a fraction of the changes we experience, but aren’t we women a marvel?! I made the comparisons to men, not because our men aren’t affected by transitions, but to demonstrate how much more deeply women feel changes. It’s part of our maternal instinct.

The Bible says “We are fearfully and wonderfully made!” We are “created for such a time as this” Seriously? Was I made for this…AND that at the same time? Sometimes we go through so many changes all at one time that we could just explode! And don’t even get me started on ‘the change!’

I promise you God has it all under control even when you don’t. He promises He will never leave you. He will never give you more than you can handle, but unless you are tested, how will you know what your new limits are? Start your day in your Prayer Chair and find your center. Be kind to yourself and ask for help when you need it. Because you will. Need help. Awkward, I know.

And to deal with all the awkward, just dance it out and sing “TRANSITIONS!” All we need is our own show tune! And in that show tune we can shake our fist at God like Tevya! We can bargain with Him. We can explain our circumstances and beg him to fix things now! But God has a peculiar sense of timing. And when I say ‘peculiar’ I mean His timing is hardly ever like ours. That just reminds us again Who is in control in every transition.

What transition have you gone through lately? Or are you still reeling from a transition that is years past? Would your wisdom be helpful to share with others? Send me a message and tell me your transition story. It might be used to help another woman who is struggling with a similar issue.

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