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My older sister, me, my mom and my twin sister.

This is the first post of my new blog! I have written for years about Spiritually Single Wives and if you have known me for those blog posts and the book I wrote, Spiritually Single Wives, I hope it has entertained and enriched your life. In the last year or more, I felt like I had said everything I had to say about life as an SSW. I felt that I was limited to sharing just a small segment about what I was learning from God and my world. I felt like I was in a transition that had nothing to do with being Spiritually Single, like I was right on the edge…of something new, some big change. I have a vision for this space that I hope really resonates with you.

As women, we grow and change and redefine ourselves sometimes without even realizing it. We start out as girls. We grow. We take classes. We enter the job market. We get degrees. We get married, we change our names. We have babies and nurture them. We watch our parents age. We watch our children grow. We exit and re-enter the workforce. We love and support our husbands. We cook. We clean. We plan. We move. We change our hairstyle. We create. We try hard not to lose our own identity. We look in the mirror and we see our mothers. We age. We pray.

Here is my vision:

  • I have been through many transitions in my own life and I feel like writing and speaking about what I learn is the gift God gave me to share with the world.
  • I have specialties, like Spiritually Single Wives, and I will share from those familiar topics from time to time.
  • I will also share about mentoring, cross-generational communication, shame and resilience, step-parenting and the feeding and nurturing of a wonderful husband.
  • Many creative women are experiencing transitions I don’t know about yet. In fact, I may never know some of what they are experiencing. They express themselves differently than I do, so from time to time, I will have a guest come share their gift to the world with you, my e-friends!

What you can expect:

  • Lots of thought-provoking information on topics related to women, twice a week
  • Excerpts from my books before they are published
  • Spirited feedback – join in the discussion!
  • A place to learn about the edge other women face
  • A place to share your edge openly
  • and the occasional cute puppy picture

And so it begins anew…a redefinition, a transition. Let’s do this together!

(If you would like to be featured on this website, please shoot me an email at I will send you a schedule of topics and you can write an article, a poem, share a photo or art, or share a video.)

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