And now what?

Navigate Your Next Season With Purpose & Panache

You blinked, and your babies grew up. You feel the hot flashes of your new peri-menopausal to menopausal stage. Your mood swings make your empty nest seem lonely and sad. And if you’re being honest, you are grieving: the loss of your grown up babies, the end of a career, the end of a relationship, or even your waistline.

Like it or not, you are in a new season, and you might be saying “And now what?” Maybe you’re questioning your own purpose.

I believe every woman in transition needs a new purpose to fill her empty heart, and give her loved ones the space they need to flourish.


The “And Now What?” Community is a group of women navigating this empty-nest phase of life looking for her new purpose and doing it with panache. JOIN US!

The “And Now What?” Community

Here in the And Now What? Community, we will look at the Five P’s with every single page and post of this website. Every time you read something here, you will walk away with an idea for transforming at least one aspect of your purpose through the Five P’s.

I personally believe so much in mentoring younger women as a project or a pastime, that I will offer links to Mentor Prep Academy as an option. I will also have guest posts and interviews from others with expertise in pastimes and projects to help you take on the five P’s of Purpose with panache!

When you become a member of the “And Now What?” community, you’ll learn how to use the unique (and maybe a little dormant) skill set you already have to:

• Create your own lifestyle of purpose which allows your loved ones the space they need to flourish.
• Serve a younger generation who crave your example, keep you younger than Botox injections, and challenge your perspectives.
• Choose pastimes and physical activities that bring you joy, and minimize the muscle ache.
• Become the “cool lady” everyone wants to hang out with–even your own kids!
• Grow older gracefully with purpose and panache.

So I have one question for you so I can share content that meets you right where you are, which two of the Five P’s:  (Project, Person, Pastime, Place and Physical Activity), are the scariest  for you?

I want to invite YOU…

If you want to join a community of mentors–like-minded, empty nest women and learn to use the strength of your mood swings and hot flashes to make a difference in the hearts of a younger generation, while you set your own adult kids free to flourish, sign up to get emails from me. Emails include the latest blog posts, community challenges and encouragement. 

Navigate your empty nest
season with the Five P’s

(stick with me here)

Why Five P’s you ask?
They won’t all stick! You will find two or three that slide on like your favorite jammies and the rest will be like support garments in the back of the underwear drawer that you just can’t force yourself to wear.

Your purpose in this season can be identified by using the Five P’s!



to engage you

Right now, you need to look at a single project that you have been waiting to take on until you had time. Make the time now. Unclutter that closet! Get all those family photos sorted and scanned! A project will give you a feeling of accomplishment. And you need that right now. The time is now!


connect with friends      for adventure

You need a friend besides your spouse. Call all the people you have been “waiting until I have time” to have a good catch up session. Perhaps you will chat with someone from your good friends to groom into your person in this season of life. If you are lucky, maybe you will find a few friends to share your new adventures.


a place to contribute

You need a place or cause to throw your time and energy, and maybe even some money behind! Make time for a charity or program you believe in!


as a creative outlet

Explore hobbies: quilting, glass cutting or travel to distant places. Re-discover the library to learn about new, local activities. Try it all! Then select the hobbies that suit you best.

Physical Activity

to keep you fit for whatever comes next

Your middle-aged body may not be up for the cardio classes you once took. Find a place to walk, run, move your current body to stay fit.


How to Navigate Season Change with Purpose and Panache!

Seasons change, and like it or not, you are in a new season: your babies grew up, you suffered a loss, or you are staring down the tunnel at retirement. Sometimes, your mood swings and hot flashes make your empty nest seem lonely and sad. And if you’re being honest, you are grieving. If you want to navigate this season change with celebration and confetti, instead of heartache and tears, you are in the right place!

“Chris has such an amazing way to love and understand empty-nest women,
and God is always the natural force behind it all!”

Carol, a dear friend and mentor to Chris

A note to my new empty-nester friends:

What is your biggest stressor right now about empty-nesting?

I want this blog, and all the materials I provide, to be meaningful to you and I don’t want to waste your time (or mine). Share your biggest stressor with me and perhaps I can send you a link to an earlier post that will help you. Or maybe, your topic is one our community needs to address! Your answer to this question may provide relief for others–and isn’t that what community is all about?

The Blog

I blog about mult-generational events and topics. From how to be a great mentor, to what you need to know about what Generation Z is worrying about right now, I post on a regular basis to help mentors get a window into the lives of the women around them.
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